Tensegrity® Intensive practice: Exploring the Multiplicity of our Self

Date and time: Sunday July 10th, 2016 from 10:00 – 17:00

Location: gym Bos en Vaartschool, florapark 14 in Haarlem

During this intensive practice we have practiced Tensegrity® movements and exercises from the Tensegrity® workshop that was held from July 1st untill July 3rd in Berlin. We have explored during this intensive practice our connection with animals, finding animals that we have an affinity with and what their qualities are. Then we chose an animal-spirit guide and looked at how we can apply the qualities of our animal-spirit guide in our daily life, for example in social situations and interactions.

Below you can find the feedback of several practitioners who were present during this day.

First of all I deemed the day well-spent. The weather, the trip to the intensive practice, the location. It was a nice small group, all positive and dedicated people.

The Evolution-form was beautiful to go through. I have gone through the “evolution” of cell to embryo to child to a human adult often, but it was nice to also go through the “animal” evolution, although I feel that have clearly less affection with that.

I felt a lot for my animal-guide, and found a striking example of a situation that was related to this animal. Till now it hasn’t helped me yet in a special way in my daily life. Maybe this will come!

Dearest greetings, and thank you for making this beautiful day possible.

For me it was the best thinkable Tensegrity-practice. Nice location between the trees and with the folding doors. A beautiful program. Our origin occupies me, and to feel it was a new dimension. Well-guided, as usual. Clear, good tempo. I haven’t been using it in practice yet, but that will come by itself. I feel that the connection with the animal that I have chosen has deepened.

Nothing but praise. Nice group as well.

We are lucky with such a present, because that is how I see that day….Thanks!

On Sunday after our practice I went to bed at 9pm, utterly exhausted in a good way, and woke up in the middle of the night because of a sharp pain in my leg. My body had managed to unblock a fluid stagnation in my groin that was there for weeks and I instinctively knew I had to get up and walk until all the water was redistributed in my body. So that’s how my week started after Sunday’s intensive practice, stumbling around my appartment at 2am with my eyes half closed.

The next day Monday saw me filled with deep joy.

On this first day after the workshop, also two major themes in my life were brought to my attention and would be again and again later that week, as if to help me identify these and erase any doubts about what they are about. One concerned a so-far hidden childhood experience of which I got more details, and the other a working idea that I abandoned four years ago feeling not ready to earn my money with this. Because of my animal guide I feel I am no longer blocked in taking steps towards this goal and that I can face whatever presents itself, and also receive more of the good things.

Looking back on last week, it feels like I got out of a prison and am now allowing to be more….. me.

Especially on the first two days after practice Sunday, I could feel that new space being filled with new possibilities and new choices. And now placed outside the old behavioural pattern, I also find it easier to steer away from unfulfilling situations and people, and being able to feel and act upon everything that brings me joy! How amazing is that?

Geert, thank you very much for your sensitive tutoring, relentlessly and patiently rubbing in the movements, and the excellent conversation. And thank you very much, you loving bunch of supportive people who were there on Sunday and helped me open up a bit more.