Practice Groups


Tensegrity® practice groups are self-organized gatherings of persons who wish to continue and deepen their practice of what they’ve learned at Tensegrity workshops or classes. The groups began more than twenty years ago when the students of don Juan proposed to participants of Tensegrity® classes that they could get together to practice the magical passes they learned. Doing so, they said at a given moment, would create a “much-needed kinesthetic consensus. Such a consensus is necessary,” they said, “because it reinforces the shamans’ intent of freedom, without intellectualization.”

There are now more than 170 registered practice groups around the world. Groups have no designated leaders and each group shares only the cost of the rental of the room, and a small contribution to Cleargreen. Registered groups are listed at and receive a quarterly newsletter about practice groups as well as access to class programs administered by Cleargreen, which the groups can take part in on a regular basis in their hometown, guided by their own group members in consultation with the instructors at Cleargeen.